Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chipmunkus Maximus

Here is the picture of a true stuffer.
This kid has it down to an art. It is
scary really, but what am I to do?
I suppose I could feed him piece by
piece, but...that really does not fit into
my schedule, besides I'd like to eat too.
Love, Moorea

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Tapa Story

Someone asked me to tell the story of how the Tapa quilt came to be.
Don't worry, it is a pretty short story! My parents lived in Hawaii for
20 years. Really, their hearts are still there. My Dad is a painter. He
paints in the Primitive South Pacific style, which he may have pioneered!
They collect Hawaiiana. Hawaiian art work, historical documents,
objects, books, etc. Here are a FEW of his many paintings.
(Notice the tapa in this one.)

He came home with a piece of tapa a few years ago and put it on his
office wall. He bought a book all about tapa (as a reference for painting.)
It seemed he was really into this new topic. So when I took the book
home to look at it,(he insisted. Tapa knowledge is a must you know!)
It struck me that I could definitely make a quilt from one of
these patterns. So I told him I was going to make him one and
double checked to make sure he liked the one I chose. He did, but he
wanted turtles on it instead of those spidery palm fronds (see earlier post).
So I took a turtle picture they had (of course) and used it as the template.
I designed the pattern and away I went on a new quilting adventure: Appliqué!
I fussy cut all the diagonal strips across the field and they and the turtles are
appliquéd. It was an awesome experience watching it come together.
I really cannot believe that I did it.
I have had it for three years, and it is finally d

Love, Moorea

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just the reaction I wanted!

I LOVE quilting!!!
Love, Moorea

The Tapa is Quilted!!!

Ok- Here it is! Sorry about the direction, my program would
not turn it for anything! Below it is a picture of the tapa
that inspired my quilt. Click on it to enlarge.

Posted with permission of David Bateman,Ltd. Publishers Nov. 19, 2009

Backing- click on it to enlarge.

This is new technique Amy used-
she copied the honu, then echo quilted it.

She did such a phenomenal job. It is beyond what I thought possible.
It looks like the turtles are moving.
I know my Dad will love it. I am giving it to him tonight.
Love, Moorea

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sneak Peek at Tapa Quilting

Here is a sneak peek at the phenomenal
quilting that Amy did on my Dad's tapa
quilt. I am hoping that I can get the binding
on today while the Littles sleep and then
my friend Annette and I can tack the
binding down tomorrow. I really want
this to be done by tomorrow night so I
can give it to him after we pick my Mom
up from the airport (she has been on a 3
week Hawaiian vacation-brat!) He wants
them to see it together. So...I guess I will
be posting a pic of the entire finished quilt
Love, Moorea

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Laying Rail Road Blocks

I laid out the
Rail Road blocks
today. I realized
I need to make 20
more blocks,
so it will take a little
time before this one
gets put together.

Jacob saw it laid
out, ran as fast as
his little legs could
carry him and threw himself down
on the blocks exclaiming "Night night!"
It is amazing how much quilts are part of
our psyche in this family. He gets covered-up
with a quilt every night, so he knows exactly
what this one will be used for. We call the
quilts I've made by name because each one
has its own special qualities. "I need the sick
quilt." so soft you want it when you are sick.
"Find the Chinese Coin!" very lightweight
and small enough for the Littles to use on warm
nights. "Where is my Penguin blanket?" That is
for Daddy ONLY. Daddy gets crabby if someone
has absconded with his blanket. There are more,
but you get the picture, these special creations
are part of our everyday life now.
Even my baby knows that.

Love, Moorea

Monday, February 18, 2008

Will Work to Quilt #1

I took pictures of the projects that
needed to be tackled today so I
could hold myself accountable.
I wanted to make sure I got them
done before I sat down to sew these
beauties! 25 more Rail Road blocks.

Here are the projects:

Sorting the toys!

Pruning the
rose bushes.

Sorting, folding & putting
away this and MORE!

Putting away the junk
collected on the piano.

How did I do? See the next post! Love, Moorea

Will Work to Quilt #2

Here is how I did:

Roses pruned.

Piano top tidied.

Toys organized.
I did get all that laundry folded
and put way, so no picture...

25 beautiful blocks sewn
while the Littles napped!
(Click on pic to enlarge.)

Yahoo! Love, Moorea

Saturday, February 16, 2008

E's 3rd Birthday

E turned 3 today! It was a Transformer themed birthday party.
I made lasagne from Pioneer Woman Cooks. Awesome!
Curtis made a 3 layer fudge cake.
Erik ate and opened gifts!
Happy birthday!!!
The Big Boys love this picture of Mr Fu Manchu.

Love, Moorea

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sending off the Honu

Here is the honu wall quilt I am sending to my brother Tim in Hawaii.
It is bound and labeled and the tabs are on. Wahoo! Another one finished.

Isn't Annette's hand quilting beautiful! Click on the picture to enlarge.

Love, Moorea

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

U. Stinkus Regularis

Here is a picture never captured before on film. Is is a U. Stinkus Regularis.
This rare photo shows a U. Stinkus asleep in the upright position on a sofa.
It has been asleep like this for 2 hours, following a night of restlessness due
to the common cold virus. Not shown in the picture is the family that usually
accompanies this U. Stinkus talking and watching T.V. and it is still asleep
amidst all the commotion! (National Geographic's got nothing on me!)

Love, Moorea

Monday, February 11, 2008

30's Railroad Tracks

This week has been filled with sickness. Now the Big Boys may have it.
Lord help me.
So, the first thing I did after getting the Little Boys down
was escape to the quilt studio.
HA! I WISH it was the quilt studio.
It is more like a mud room. I need to have some fantasies, OK?!
There are also 2,000 books in there.
Well, some fantasies are harder to create than others.
My mom hates to sew
in it with me because if something hits the floor,
it gets dirty. Sorry mom, you've
forgotten the reality of having KIDS
at home. Kids that play in the dirt and forget to
take their
shoes off when they come in. Don't ask why it does not get swept.
you asked. I do sweep it, but we also have a dog that sheds
tumbleweeds of hair and
even though he is 98% outside,
that hair gets inside. Blast that wind. Also, the floor
inexplicably collects matchbox cars and thread/ fabric scraps.
Speaking of fabric...

I worked on my 30's Railroad Tracks blocks tonight. Aren't they fantastic?
I laid them out two ways. My favorite is the one on point, above.
9 done, 24 more to go

Love, Moorea

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sick Puppies

Aren't they amazing?! They have pink stripes. They are in full bloom.

We were supposed to be going to a couples retreat tonight, put on by our church.

Dangnabbit, we even had a sitter- for overnight!!! Oh well, the Lord knows...

But I was very sick this week (in bed almost all of two days)
Erik is now sick and Jacob is well...take a look for yourself.

This is one sick puppy. He's saying "GET that camera outta my FACE!"
Diagnosis: Teething
Symptoms: 4 huge teeth erupting through each gum, temp., runny nose,
exhausted, won't eat much (exceptions made, see below.)

This is the ONE excepition: French frys.

Here is the other sick puppy. On the couch, under the "sick quilt", fast asleep at 6pm!!!
Diagnosis: He's got what I got. The Grunge.
Symptoms: High fever, achyness, exhaustion, BAD cough.

Take care & have a great weekend.
Think of me, getting snot at whatnot on my t-shirts. ;o)

Love, Moorea

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tulip Watch

They are blooming! They are blooming! Aren't they beautiful.
Thank goodness for some sun the past few days, they were looking a little anemic.

Here is my latest quilt book acquisition. Hawaiian Appliqué by Vick Fleming.
After seeing the patterns in this book, and the the way the honu appliqué turned out,
I am more determined than ever to learn to hand quilt so I can finish this maile wreath
I started for my mom
and embarrassingly long time ago.
She did not even remember seeing it. Shame on me!

Love, Moorea

Friday, February 1, 2008

Irene's Crazy Quilt

This is a picture of my Grandma, Irene. She passed away on Thursday 1/31/08
She was a loving, giving, smart, funny, beautiful lady who lived along life (91).
I am so thankful I was able to know her.
I'll see her again, so my tears are for my family and I, having to
be here without her. She is in a better place.

This is a crazy quilt she gave me a few years ago. She said she bought it for $50-
from a lady at her church in the 1960's. My grandma could not remember who
it was she had purchased it from, but said the lady made this for herself then
needed the money so she sold it to my G, who was taken with the design and the
embroidery. She had always wanted to do something with it, but never did, so
it sat in a box under her bed.

It is 70 x 70.
I want to repair the pieces in disrepair and hang it somewhere, but it is so dark.
It is too fragile to use. My home has very limited wall space as it is tiny, and the
architecture in my home does not lend itself to hanging large works of art. humph.

Here you can see where the 23" square blocks are sewn together.
The back of the embroidery is so neat. This lady was excellent with a needle.

I love this quilt. Maybe I will have a place to hang it someday.
Until then, I'll enjoy taking it out from time to time to remember
the day she realized realized I was serious about quilting and gave it to me.

Love, Moorea