Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flannel Quilt

This is a flannel quilt WISP I have had for about a year and a half.
It is for a friend who now recovering from breast cancer. I started
it when I heard about her diagnosis, she is now completely done with
her chemo, and reconstruction surgery. I heard they are moving to
the coast, so this will come in handy for those chilly summer evenings
near the ocean. Better late than never!
Directions on how to make one here. Examples here.
This is my friends' blog. I decided to use the basting spray instead
of needles to hold the blocks together. I will let you how this works.
This will be so fun. I can steal 15 minutes a day to do a few blocks at
a time and in no time it will be done!

Love, Moorea

Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Shower

My cousin, Susan, loved the quilt. Here she is displaying it.
She got many clothes for the baby, and a beautiful whole cloth
quilt embroidered with 8 teddy bears from My aunt Gloria who is
phenomenal needlewoman. In the mayhem, I forgot to take a pic.

Here is a baby quilt my mom made approximately 30 years ago for
one of my other cousins, Robyn (same side.) Her daughter, Lilli is
using it now. My mom does not remember making it. She made
so many, how could she? When my aunt put it on the floor,
my mom just stared at it and she was thinking,
"Wow, that looks like something I'd make!" Funny.

I love this fabric. My mom made ALOT of quilts through the
years out of this kind of fabric. It was much heavier than everyday
cotton, but not upholstery grade. She always made two tops,
(no batting as we did not need it in Hawaii.) put right sides
together, sewed around the outside, leaving an opening to
turn it right side out top stitching the opening down
( after a thorough ironing.)
Here is another example of her work. I love her quilting style.

Love, Moorea

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Label Fini

I finally got the label on the baby quilt. It is so adorable.
My mom will wash it, and wrap it. (She was a professional
gift wrapper for Macy's, so she always gets to wrap it!)

Love, Moorea

Monday, July 14, 2008

Batting Scrim

I used bamboo batting in the baby quilt, and I thought I would
share some information I was curious about and researched out.
On the package it said it had a thin scrim.
What is scrim? The answer is below. I also found a website,
Fairfield Quilting Supplies, that defines the kinds of batting.

"Scrim is a very open piece of netting-type fabric that is added
to batting during the manufacturing process to help support the
fibers. Battings that contain scrim are generally more stable and
have less stretch than those without scrim.

Feel the batting to determine if the scrim is near the center of the
layering, or closer to one side than the other. If you cannot tell,
then it will make no difference which side of the batting is
placed next to the quilt top.

If the scrim is closer to one side than the other, we
recommend that this side be placed closest to the backing."

By: Patricia Margaret & Donna Slusser

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby Quilt

Here it is! I tacked the binding down at family camp this past week,
during the annual Tuesday Ladies Tea/pedicure time that
Mrs. Huffman hosts for a few of us.

Isn't this just beautiful! I am so happy with it.
My mom & I make a good team. She sure worked hard on it.
I love the quilting she did, every other square.

Love, Moorea

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quilt Basting Spray Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to use quilt basting spray.
I would never have even tried it, it seemed so intimidating.
Princess Buttercup got some help from the owner of
Bear Paws and Hollyhocks to baste a full sized quilt.
It turned out so well for her, that I decided to give it
a whirl when I could not find any fusible batting for the
baby quilt we are making.

It is a spray and it is tacky, so put down paper or an old sheet
on the floor or table. I put a sheet I could wash
and use again on the floor.

Here is the batting smoothed out on the sheet. I laid the squared-up
backing on the on the batting and smoothed it out as well. Then I
peeled back one side and sprayed the batting. I immediately lifted
and put it over the tacky side, arranged and smoothed it. I repeated
with the other side, making sure I did not overstretch the fabric
because it will buckle the batting underneath it.
Note: Princess Buttercup says she learned to baste it the opposite
way, backing on bottom, spray that, and lay the batting on it. I
tried it this way because my mom told me to. She felt I would
have more control over the fabric being smoothed onto the batting.

I trimmed all the way around the backing once I saw the fabric was
smooth and not stretching. It may seem like I was taking a huge
chance, but the backing was a good 2-3 inches larger all around
than the flimsie that was going on the other side.

Flip over the backing/batting and smooth the flimsie top, making
sure there are no buckles. If there are, re-iron the top and reposition
on to batting. Peel back one side and spray the adhesive on. Lift and
arrange. Repeat on the other side.

Once that is done, make sure you check to see there is no buckling
on either side, if there is, rearrange it, as the adhesive becomes
super tacky and dries the fabric in place.

Note: I used the new bamboo batting. It is super soft.

Love, Moorea

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day America!

4th of July Clipart :: Children Celebrate Independence Day
Love, Moorea

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tag You're It!

Nichole tagged me! Thank you! ;o)
Here are the four quilters I've tagged:

Hualapai Mountain Quilter
Moonvalley Quilter
Bayou Quilts
Beyond My Picket Fence

Here are six quirks of mine:
1. I have to dip my pretzels in sour cream.
2. I growl when I am impatient.
3. I do not put things back where they belong.
4. I hate changing bed sheets more than diapers.
5. I ask my kids to get stuff for me, even if is is pretty close by. Why get up?
6. I do not clean the bathtub for months at a time.

Tag! You're it.

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* Tag a new set of six (four in my case!) bloggers by linking them.

Love, Moorea

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I got the navy binding done for DoriAnn's quilt.
She will come this week to learn how to put it on.

Look at this cute backing fabric we got from Quilters Corner.
We picked a 30's blue to do the binding.
My mom got all the nine patches sewn, laid out,
and strips pinned together. She says the flimsy
will be done Tuesday night. She will be over this
week as well to get it basted and ready to quilt.
So I have to make the backing and binding, now
that I know how big the quilt is going to be. (55x50)

Love, Moorea