Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Quilt

After frantic searching,I found my cutting board hiding waaaaaaay
up high on a book shelf. I started cutting these strip about 6pm
Friday night. I was up until 2:20 am sewing, but I finished the
quilt enough to give it at the baby shower today. It only needs
the binding on one side to be tacked down, but that is it!
Anjeleeca loved it. She is expecting baby number two, and I
know how nice it is to have new things for subsequent babies!

It turned out so sweet. I had the number fabric left over from the
quilt my mom and I did for my Cousin Susan's baby shower. It was
$9- a yard! But my mom wanted something particular, and when you
want it just the way you want it, you pay for it. She let me keep
the scraps (thanks mom!), and I had just enough to do this. It is
so soft. I really like doing a pieced binding, especially with all
the colors of the quilt. I used up the left over strips from the
nine patches.This is the first quilt that I have done that was
square, I think I trimmed and eighth of an inch off of one side.
I feel like a full fledged quilter now. I really took my time with
this quilt, making sure all the fabric was cut perfectly and when I
sewed. I went slowly, ripping seams or adjusting sections where
the points did not meet. I was patient. Quilting is teaching me
to slow down. That is such a gift. because I have been so impatient
with my sewing and I have never had a quilt square up like that.
(Except when my mom and I are sewing together. She is an amazing
seamstress.)Dimensions: 30" by 40"
p.s. I sat in the back at church on Sunday and tacked the rest of
the binding down so she could take it home!

I have not sewn for months because of the Geography class I am
teaching, and I can't believe how much I wanted to sew this
weekend,(even though I did not really have the time,
but my friend is worth it!) and I wanted to make something
and complete it. I had to stay up to get it done. Giving a
box of diapers is nice, but giving a quilt is MUCH more fun.

Have a nice weekend!

Happy quilting,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jacob is sick with the flu. He's lucky to have a quilt made
by Aunty 'nette to snuggle up in! Look- my Baby is out of the crib!
We got him a handmade toddler bed off of Craig's List for $25-

Love, Moorea

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Artful Bras

You have to see these Artful Bras! Sew creative.

Love, Moorea

Give away

Check out my giveaway on my homeschool blog, here. Ends Sunday 2/28/09 12am

Love, Moorea

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is a collection of pillows my mom has made me over the years.
I really like the ribbon pillows. There were more, but most of them
were white linen with crocheted edges and unfortunately
they wore out from being on my bed. I love these- they remind
me of our family Valentine's dinners when I was a kid.

My mom would hang red and white streamers and she would decorate
the table in red and white, plates, linens, candy, etc. Little
handmade cards would be on each china plate and the candy would
be in little glass animal tidbit holders all over the table.
Only one of the smallest, most thoughtful gifts could be given
to each person. Usually we gave my parents a favorite candy bar
or boxed cards...something like that (or a tube of acrylic
paint in my dad's case!) After a nice dinner, we would go 'round
the table and each person would open a card and read the sentiment,
until all had been read, and the tiny gifts opened and delighted
over. Then we would have a delicious desert!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Moorea