Monday, July 14, 2008

Batting Scrim

I used bamboo batting in the baby quilt, and I thought I would
share some information I was curious about and researched out.
On the package it said it had a thin scrim.
What is scrim? The answer is below. I also found a website,
Fairfield Quilting Supplies, that defines the kinds of batting.

"Scrim is a very open piece of netting-type fabric that is added
to batting during the manufacturing process to help support the
fibers. Battings that contain scrim are generally more stable and
have less stretch than those without scrim.

Feel the batting to determine if the scrim is near the center of the
layering, or closer to one side than the other. If you cannot tell,
then it will make no difference which side of the batting is
placed next to the quilt top.

If the scrim is closer to one side than the other, we
recommend that this side be placed closest to the backing."

By: Patricia Margaret & Donna Slusser


knksouza1 said...

Is bamboo batting made out of bamboo fibers? You are so smart, what can you not do????


corry said...

Thanks for the info! I always like to try something, bamboo fibers!! I love how the babyquilt turned out...just beautiful!

Dionne said...

Wonderful. I knew they made clothes out of bamboo, but batting??

Good information to have.