Friday, October 10, 2008

Thrift Store Find

I found this great utility quilt at Eco Thrift for $6.99! Wow!
It is not the most beautiful quilt. I believe it was made for a
grandma in a rest home, as a name is written in the margins,
and floral scraps were mixed with checkers to make it not
so tempting to those who might want to steal it.

The backing is a sweet tan floral print. The size is a generous twin.
What I really liked about it is the batting is a blanket. It is very heavy,
so it makes for the perfect weekend mountain retreat blanket.
Josiah will be using it for just that purpose this weekend.
I saw on the weather last night that is is going to be very
blustery all weekend, so I am glad he can take it!

Love, Moorea