Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quilt Basting Spray Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to use quilt basting spray.
I would never have even tried it, it seemed so intimidating.
Princess Buttercup got some help from the owner of
Bear Paws and Hollyhocks to baste a full sized quilt.
It turned out so well for her, that I decided to give it
a whirl when I could not find any fusible batting for the
baby quilt we are making.

It is a spray and it is tacky, so put down paper or an old sheet
on the floor or table. I put a sheet I could wash
and use again on the floor.

Here is the batting smoothed out on the sheet. I laid the squared-up
backing on the on the batting and smoothed it out as well. Then I
peeled back one side and sprayed the batting. I immediately lifted
and put it over the tacky side, arranged and smoothed it. I repeated
with the other side, making sure I did not overstretch the fabric
because it will buckle the batting underneath it.
Note: Princess Buttercup says she learned to baste it the opposite
way, backing on bottom, spray that, and lay the batting on it. I
tried it this way because my mom told me to. She felt I would
have more control over the fabric being smoothed onto the batting.

I trimmed all the way around the backing once I saw the fabric was
smooth and not stretching. It may seem like I was taking a huge
chance, but the backing was a good 2-3 inches larger all around
than the flimsie that was going on the other side.

Flip over the backing/batting and smooth the flimsie top, making
sure there are no buckles. If there are, re-iron the top and reposition
on to batting. Peel back one side and spray the adhesive on. Lift and
arrange. Repeat on the other side.

Once that is done, make sure you check to see there is no buckling
on either side, if there is, rearrange it, as the adhesive becomes
super tacky and dries the fabric in place.

Note: I used the new bamboo batting. It is super soft.

Love, Moorea

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