Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day Fabric

Look at the fabric my mom and dad gave me for Mother's Day!
They went to Nevada City for the weekend and happened upon the
Pine Tree Quilt Guild's 25th Annual Quilt Show. Some of the
quilters were selling remnants and my mom and dad picked all
these out for me! Can't wait to add these to my stash.

They also found a 14" platter that matches my Johnson Brothers set!
I have never even seen this large of a platter! They got it for $8.50
and it is probably about a $50- platter at the china replacement co.
I am so tickled, as none of us have been able to find any for a while.

Love, Moorea

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sutter's Fort Quilts

Here is one of the Sutter's Fort quilts. Princess Buttercup will have
to give the details in a comment. I know she did draft this pattern
off of one she saw on the cover of a quilt magazine. Beautiful!
Here is pattern info: The pattern for the star quilt was on the cover
& inside the Australian Quilting and Patchwork Magazine, Vol 13, No 5.

Here is quilt #2. I cannot decide which one I like the best!
They will be raffled off with-in the group that participated in the

She had enough to make table runners for the gals who run the program.

Look at my Amaryllis! Some one gave me a large "just about dead"
bulb last year. I planted it in faith- and it revived, but only
grew leaves. I stuck it out on the front steps in April-low and
behold it has bloomed! I do not think I had ever seen and amaryllis.
They sure are beautiful!

Have a great weekend. Hubbs is taking me to Panda Express- Orange
Chiken here I come! and to see the new "Star Trek."

Love, Moorea