Saturday, December 6, 2008

Comfort Rice Wrap Tutorial

Instructions by Ruth Halley
Copyright: Moorea Richardson
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You'll need:
~Sturdy/quality fabric
~100 %Cotton ONLY strapping (the kind for belts)
(polyester will melt in the microwave.)
~Thread to match fabric
~2 Lb. Medium grain rice for each wrap

Instructions: (Click on pictures to enlarge)

1) Cut Fabric to get a 11" x 28" rectangle.
Cut length across grain if possible, but not necessary.
Do not use flimsy fabric. Quality fabric will help it last longer.

2)Fold rectangle in half along long edge- so it will be 5 and 1/2" x 28"
3) Pin so it won't shift and sew a 1/2" seam.
4) Iron oopen the seam, this will give a more finished look.

5) Turn right side out and Iron the seam edge down to one side
so it does not show.
6) Roll the ends in 1" on both sides and iron down.

7) Insert straps 1 and 1/2" into opening, against outer edges
of one side. (straps cut at 13 and 1/2") Pin in place.
8) Top Stitch first row across width & straps at 1/4" from edge,
then second row 1/2" out from that, making sure you catch the
strapping in both top stitches.

9) Divide empty bag in thirds, mark half point with a pin, and the
two other folds with pins.
10) Make a 1 and 1/2" zig-zag stitch across the width at those
three points, going back and forth a few times to get the stitch
very strong. It can be a wide or thin zig-zag. This is to keep
rice somewhat separated, but adjustable.

11) Measure out 2Lb. Rice.

12) I made a homemade funnel out of construction paper to get the
rice in the bag quickly; a traditional funnel's spout is too tiny.

13) Shake the rice down around the zig-zag stitches so you do not
hit any rice grains while top stitching the second strap in.

14) Insert strap 1 and 1/2" against outer edge of each side of
opening, pin straps in place.
8) Top Stitch first row at 1/4" from edge, then second row 1/2" out
from that, making sure you catch the strapping in both top stitches.

Färdiga, Finito! Færdig, Fini! Terminat, Finished!

Instructions to include with your gift:

Comfort Wrap Neck Warmer
Do not wash or get wet.
~Heat on a clean, dry plate in microwave only!
~Do not heat more than 2 minutes
~Place thin towel between warmer & skin.
~Ingredients: 2 lb. white rice


knksouza1 said...

you forgot the "keep it away from the dog" part. Mine seems to like rice.


Moorea said...

Oh that Lizzy! Has she not learnt her lesson after the last strange object binge? Poor pup.