Sunday, June 29, 2008


I love giving quilting friends gifts. This one is for Princess Buttercup.
It is her birthday today. Happy Birthday dear friend!
I am giving her some not quite fat quarter pieces of 30's prints
I had and my Quilt Record on white card stock in a cute oval tin
with a picture that reminds me of a Tasha Tudor scene.

Love, Moorea

Friday, June 27, 2008

DoriAnn's Yo Yo

This is my friend DoriAnn's quilt. I have been helping her
work out how she could use the antique yo-yos she had
to make a quilt for her mother. This quilt is SO her mother.
If you knew her mother, you'd KNOW this is the perfect quilt.

We made the field solid navy blue with a white border.
The backing is the same navy color. She sent it to my quilter, Amy,
who quilted it with a large meandering pattern in white.
Now that we have it back, I will teach her how to make the binding
and put it on.

We will lay the yo-yo flowers on in sets of four with "sprigs" of three
yo-yos in between. She will appliqué them on and then she will be
finished! Oh yeah- We'll need to make a label.
Gotta get her thinking about that!

Love, Moorea

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quilting Word Search

I am pleased to announce I have finally figured out how to upload my
PDF files to the blog. I will upload more in the future. Enjoy!!!

You can print this out on colored paper and enclose it in a card
for a quilter friend. I made this myself, I did not use a word search
generator. When you find all the words it shows a pattern.
Copyright 2008 Moorea Richardson
Love, Moorea

Read this document on Scribd: Word%20Search

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Look at this luscious red solid I found at Joann's (50% off coupon!)
It is so thick and hardy- and the color! I just want
to live in that color. There is no other way to describe
how I feel about it. I think of Thanksgiving and
Christmas when I see this color. I want to use it right now,
but I will horde it in my stash for a while first. ;o)

I scored again, finding this navy star print that I have had a fat
quarter of for about 3 years, but could never find a bolt of. I
found it while looking for some patriotic fabric since
Princess' Buttercup & Tea Rose want to get the 'Strip Piecers'
together and make a patriotic wall hanging
or some such quilty thing. It goes perfect with
the other patriotic fabrics I had.

Hopefully, my mother is making some progress on the nine patches.
Love, Moorea

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Got the Strips Cut!

I got all 46 strips cut into 2" sections for the nine-patches.
I will give them to my mom at church and she will sew them
all together. Maybe, they will be done by this weekend so
I can get to sewing them up into a quilt top on Monday.

I fiddled around with some of the little extras and laid this little
doll sized quilt out. It will be bigger than the finished 'mini' below.
It is 13" x 13." I really needed to make another doll quilt for
the church nursery, so here it is! They love to wrap dollies up!

Love, Moorea

Friday, June 6, 2008

Quilting Bee

Here is a fantastic picture I found in a school book I picked up today
at the thrift store. Although my grandma did not quilt, she had one of
these frames stored in the basement. She used to pick up all kinds of
antiques and horde them. Princess Buttercup and I looked at it, but
agreed it would never be used because neither of us would put it on a
pulley system on our ceilings! The "thousand nails" around the edge
dissuaded us from assembling it. Anyhow... this is such a cool pic.
I wish I could get you all together for a quilting bee,
wouldn't that be fun? Hey Lucy- I figured out how to use the scanner,
but it does take time.

Love, Moorea
This is the magazine page Lucy encouraged to me to take a picture of
~ it IS easier than figuring out that blasted scanner. I hope when my
mom sees this, she will agree that we should make the quilt like this.
Plus I will have all the 5" white blocks cut out. I do not care for the
triangle border. I'd like to put the binding right up against the blocks.
I think it will look more authentic.

Love, Moorea
update: My mom agreed this would be better. Yahoo! (Saturday)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Curtis and I were out taking the car to be repaired yesterday,
so I took advantage and stopped at Joann's to pick-up some
more white muslin. Of course I did not have the swatch of the
muslin I am using with the railroad blocks with me... so I got 5 yds.
each of two colors of muslin! One is bright white, the other cream.
No I will not run out for a while. I cannot wait to get the rail road
blocks done. When I cut 2" strips for the new baby blanket, I also
cut a lot of 1-1/2" strips to make railroad strips for a border.

This week I need to get the 2" white muslin strips for the nine patch
quilt so my mom and I can get that started. I found a picture of the
repro nine patches with white squares in between, but I have not
figured out how to get my new printer to scan and send to my blog,
so I cannot put a pic up.

Love, Moorea

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cleaning Out the Stash

I have some fabric left over from my Tapa quilt.
It is about 2-3 yards of the African style prints I
did not use. You can see some of it is fussy cut into
long strips down the grain of the fabric about 3" wide.
If anyone would like it they can leave a post
and I will get it to them personally or mail it.
It is weighs about 1 lb. 8 oz. I also changed the post
settings so anyone could leave a post,
Blogger member or not, but I will review it first.

Love, Moorea

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nine Patch Baby Blanket

I cut 2" 30's print strips for nine patches today.
My mom & I are making a baby quilt for my cousin Susan
who is having her first baby at 41! We are going
to add them to the left over nine patches from the trade.
We are keeping this more pastel than Erik's, as she loves purple.
And I want to add solid white blocks in between to make it bigger.
My mom wants it to be like Erik's quilt, below.
I'll let you know who wins out!

Now I have to cut the white strips...
Her shower is in one month...

Love, Moorea :o)