Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was able to bust a move and finish this cute
baby quilt for a family @ church. Click to see
the little embroidery stitches that my new
machine has- 90 to choose from- It was so fun
to use them. I used an entire spool of thread
to quilt this the stitches were so intricate.

I LOVE this backing. I wish I had used tan thread,
but alas, I was just in auto pilot and made a bobbin
with blue turned out cute.

UFO complete

Princess Buttercup was finally able to get some time
to finish her MIL's Dresden Plates quilt she bagan...
how long ago PB?

click to see her first attempt at free motion quilting-
she did a fantastic job!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Class One

I took the first of three classes tonight for my new machine.
My Mom and I made a date out of the evening- she came over to
see the kids first, then we set out in rain & heavy traffic but
got there on time. She wandered about the store while I took my
class then we went to In & Out and got caught-up on life
happenings over burgers, fries & lemonade. It was great!
I made button holes for the first time and learned what all
the strange little attachments were for. I am now ready
to free motion quilt! Woohoo! I felt sorry for the gal next to me,
her new machine went haywire so she could not finish the class,
and her machine was sent to the "spa" as the teacher called it.
I am so thrilled with my machine, I decided to name her Wilhelmina.
That was a pet name for one of my favorite VW Vans my Mom & Dad
had when I was a kid. I think Wilhelmina & I will be great friends.

Love & stitches,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fooling Around

I finally got a chance to sit down at my new machine and
open packages, unravel cords & read instructions.

Sweet! Look at this little accessory box in the extension table.
It's huge! I was able to get all the feet & bobbins that came
with it in there.

Look at the extra-extra-extension table!

I was able to get as far as the embroidery stitches section.
My older boys were picking out stitches on the stitch guide
they wanted me to try out- how fun is that? This is going
to be so much fun. I get three classes with this machine,
so in the next week, I want to get as far as I can in the
instructions so I am able to ask questions in class.

Love & stitches, Moorea

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sewing Machine Cover

I made a cover for my new machine out of 2" strips I have
been saving from my Grandma's Kansas Twister quilt.

The plastic cover it came with was so cheap and sterile,
I was instantly inspired to make something. I should have
lined it, but I was so excited that my pattern was working
out, I decided to finish it up. It turned out pretty good.

Love & stitches,

Lunch with Dad

I got together with my Dad today, we went to lunch
at the Tower Cafe. Yum! We then stepped next door to
see "Up In The Air" with George Clooney. It was good,
except for plenty of F bombs & some nudity.

The decor is quite colorful.

Fresh flowers are everywhere- They must spend hundreds
of dollars a week on fresh flowers. It is quite beautiful.

They have two fountains I could see in in the outdoor
seating area. It was just too cold to sit outside.

Getting together was sorely overdue. It sure brings back memories
of the old days when he took me on "dates" to a fancy restaurant
and to buy a new toy. Thanks & love you Dad!

Love & stitches, Moorea

Baby Quilt

I finished a baby quilt top I have been working on. I have
wanted to use this cowboy fabric for years, but was not
inspired until a friend at church had a baby last week.
Oops, I forgot a pic of the backing, which has more cowboys!
I'll post that when I finish quilting it.

Love, Moorea

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rearranging My Sewing Area

I purchased a new desk for $35.00 at the thrift store this past week,
it is perfect for this room and it's a bit taller than my other desk
which I wanted to sew at. This one is easier on my back for cutting fabric.

I have rearranged my little sewing area with the two desks so
I can properly use the new sewing machine my parents bought me
for Christmas! Woohoo! It is a Singer Confidence Quilter.
I can quilt my own quilts now! I put my spool holder and
ruler rack up. I wanted to paint the wall behind the desks,
but then the rest of room which needs to be painted desperately
would bug me too much, so I will wait.
It feels awesome to have this little dream come true.

Love, Moorea

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Strip Piecers

Look at all we got accomplished at our New Year Sewing Day!
Woohoo! Princess Buttercup sewed the blocks she had done
onto this Bachelor Puzzle quilt for her brother, who is
quite tall. It may require more blocks along the length.

She did get the border completed on the Disappearing
Nine Patch, a gift for a friend.

Here she is, working diligently at her table.

Tea Rose brought her Tea Pot quilt- which has been in
the works for a while. She completed the border and it
is ready to send out to the quilter! Congratulations Tea Rose!!

I worked on a bill pocket for a friend - I will get
pics and a tutorial up in a few days. It is one of my
favorite wedding gifts to give. I also started on a
big project to make new cushions for the church nursery
rocking chairs. I have no idea what I am doing, but I'm
going for it!

Love, Moorea

Cutter Quilt Table Runner

I did get DoriAnn's table runner done in time for Christmas! Hooray!
It turned out pretty cute, except for a binding bump that could not
be avoided. She likes it and that is all that counts! I wish I had
more time to make things out of the rest of the quilt, but I need
to let projects go that are not really what I need to be working on.

Love, Moorea