Thursday, January 8, 2009

A "Just Because" Quilt

I was able to have lunch with the recipient of the quilt I
was able to get quilted on New Years Day. Here she is opening
her present.

Yeah! She loves it, and the colors are so her! She really liked the
pieced backing. Even her hubby said "Those are her colors!"

This quilt is "Just because." I love you Barbara!

Love, Moorea

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Link

A few years ago, before I had this blog, I used to read
Taniwa's blog, but I lost the bookmark and couldn't find her!
Princess Buttercup mentioned Taniwa's blog and was kind
enough to email the link, so here it is: Taniwa Enjoy the Japanese flavor!

Love, Moorea


I got these nice pieces of fabric from Doriann's MIL. She had a quilter
friend who was cleaning out her stash and she went out of her way to
get the 3 giant bags and pass them on to me! What a lucky girl I am!
There were some 3 yd lengths that I kept to use a backings- and here
are the four I pulled out to get washed, iron & trimmed up so that
when I have a lap quilt to sandwich, these will be ready to go.

I finished the binding on a lap quilt I quilted at a quilting day
Princess Buttercup had New Years Day! We were able to go to
my church and quilt in the foyer area for 5 uninterrupted hours!
HEAVEN! She got an entire full size quilt quilted in the basket
weave pattern she used on her mom's wall quilt. It was a great
time of fellowship and she brought Oliebollin to share, yum!

Love, Moorea

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Click on the screen to feed Pom-Pom

I found this gadgetry on another quilters site, although she had a
pond with swimming fish. I really liked the hamster.