Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quilt Stash Song

Quilt Stash Song
Listen HERE

Thanks Wendy!

Love, Moorea

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am ignoring this mess to work on...

the binding and label for Ronica's baby quilt. I love
quilting. It helps me focus on the really important thing
in my life... sewing!

My mom worked very hard this week to get the quilting done-
good job mom!

Love, Moorea

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old Fashioned Quilting Bee

This is SUTTER"S FORT in Sacramento, CA. It is reenactment day,
but not just any reenactment day, it was the Sacramento Area
Homeschoolers reenactment day! This group does it up so well,
you might think you are really back in time, except for the
fact that bus loads of kids on school field trips are smashing
in around you to see the stations.

Here is Princess Buttercup, hand quilting one of the quilts
she researched and designed for the kids in the program to
work on. She chose period fabric, cut and sent kits of four
patches to be hand sewn by each child and then placed them
in the quilt, with the brown and white triangle setting blocks.
It is gorgeous. There is another with stars, I will get a pic
of that as they will be and quilting these for a while.

Here are all three ladies in the quilt group doing the
hand quilting.

It was close to 100' F at the fort. Yikes! To see more photos-
look at my homeschool blog post HERE.

Love, Moorea

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Baby Quilts

I finished the flimsy for Suzie's baby quilt. It turned out so sweet-
I will bind it with the same blue as the blue in the blocks. I'm
not sure what it is about this pattern, I really love floating the
nine patches- I just get a kick out of it!

I have DoriAnn to thank for this quilt. She took my little boys for
the entire day! Josiah was at Church cleaning and doing school
work the entire day! Daniel was in LA with his grandmaw and Curtis
was asleep after a long night of driving! It was glorious.
GLORIOUS I tell you! much needed. I cut & sewed fabric, ate when
I wanted, and listened to my favorite country music station,
up loud!

Here is some fabric for a cowboy themed baby quilt.

This Winnie the Pooh fabric will be perfect for a baby quilt too!

I needed to go to Joann's this week to get basting spray and I picked
up a few purple fat quarters to tuck away in my purple stash. I am
going to have so much purple, I may have to make a few quilts!

I hope you all have a very happy weekend! The weather here is
gorgeous, so I know I will!

Love, Moorea

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Quilt

I have been working on a baby quilt for my first cousin once
removed!(That means my first cousin's cousin's baby) She and
her husband are in the Army. I thought it'd be fun to make
them a baby quilt with Army colors. I found this adorable
fabric at Joann's. I wanted to keep it very soft looking,so
I used a small green gingham with the bear fabric to make the
5" nine patches. I mitered the brown inner border. I have
never mitered before and it went pretty well. I had to look at
three resources to get all my questions answered and I only had
to adjust two corners. I am going to get it basted today and
my mom will quilt it and then I will put brown binding on it.
I think it will very sweet.

Here is Josiah's baby quilt that was made by a lady who used to go to
our church years ago. I did not quilt then and was so blessed to
receive something so precious. It is beginning to fall apart. I
I had it in his memory box so he would be able to have it later,
but I ended up using it with the little boys.

Here is the next set of fabric I collected to make another baby
quilt for a very special long time friend. I hope to start that

Love, Moorea