Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yo yo Give Away

These are the remainders of 120 white 2" & 10 pattern 2"
(they need to be ironed) vintage yoyo's courtesy of Dori Ann,
who by the way is almost finished tacking her yoyo's down
to her mom's quilt! Yahoo! It will be done for her mom's
birthday in November (see below.)

If you'd like them, please leave a comment and
I will contact you.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Odds 'n Ends

I found this beautiful baby quilt at the thrift store for $1.99!
It has a denim sashing and batik four patches. The quilting
is a teeny tiny stippling all over, very sweet.

Here is a ribbon board I made for my brother's moving-out
condo warming. I found this Hawaiian style fabric when I
was cleaning out the stash and I thought it would be perfect
for this- Matt likes it and will use it to keep his bills on in the hall.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pretty Posey

DoriAnn came over tonight to lay out the yo-yo posies and get
them Wonder-Undered on. We did it, despite two Little Yelpers.
(Of the people kind, not k-9 kind ;0)
All she needs to do now is to hand stitch them down and
put a label on! You GO girl! Isn't it beautiful?
When it is done I will get a good picture of it in natural light.

Love, Moorea

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Machine Quilting Class

I took the Voyager 17 class at Bear Paws today. Now that I know how hard it is to use the machine, I will never criticize my machine quilter again! I'm pretty sure I can do it by myself, If I get back to practice on it within a few weeks, otherwise I may forget! I REALLY want to quilt a quilt on this! They warn you it will not be pretty, but it will be DONE!
I can live with that.

Monday, September 1, 2008

End of Giveaway

Well...no surprise that you won Princess Buttercup!
Congratulations all the same. I will deliver your prize
to you sometime this week.

Love, Moorea

Happy Labor Day

I took a few hours this Labor Day morning and sewed the strips
together. Since some of the blocks are so off point, I think
I will use this as a practice flimsie when I take the class on how
to use the quilting machine at Bear Paws and Holly Hocks.
I do not have the class scheduled yet, but I'd really like to do
it sometime soon. It is the perfect lap quilt size 53X68.

Love, Moorea