Monday, September 13, 2010

Aloha Shirt Quilt

The loot!

Playing with combinations.

I have been mighty busy these past few months- Sorry I have not
updated the blog. I did not get to sew at all this Summer. It was
a great disappointment, but it could not be helped. After Josiah
graduated from high school, I put my focus on Daniel and his
Boy Scout activities, as well as working on discipline problems
with my little boys. It all paid off- they are all doing well.

I was able to start sewing again and here is the fruit of my labor!
My first professional quilt! I made this for a gentleman who owns a
shop in downtown Sacramento- I traded him for a huge box of fabric he
had (top) in exchange making the quilt top. I feel I got the better
of the deal, and he thinks he did, so I guess it was a good deal!
I am hoping to make more of these quilts soon- he thinks lap sized
would sell well in the store.

So now, I have to make the backing with 8 yards of this lovely
gray blue fabric and send it off to the quilter next week.


Josiah said...

Good job mommy. <3 it!

Josiah said...

I love you mommy!!!

Moorea said...

Thanks Josiah! I love you too! I am so glad you like the quilt, it was a lot of work, but fun.

knksouza1 said...

Wow, so there it is. It's beautiful. I'm excited for your new adventure and hope you sell lots and lots of quilts.