Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birthday Fun

OK, so I admit it, I turned 44 on Sunday. I vowed to age gracefully. To me,
that means taking all winkles life hands me without fighting them by botox injections. It means no plastic surgery. It means being able to admit my age.
It used to mean not dying my gray hair, but hey, everyone has their vanity limit.
I now appreciate 85 year olds who have so much energy you suspect they are on
drugs. @ 44 I know my energy level is slipping. I know I will not be an 85 year
old who skis, does yoga or watch the great grandkids all day at the zoo. I'm
still taking a nap everyday.

My Dad took me out for our annual birthday lunch date- and he surprised me
by taking me up to Highhand in Loomis, CA. What a fantastic place. They have
revitalized the old fruit packing sheds into art/ pottery galleries and it is
surrounded by a fantastic nursery with a restaurant named The Conservatory where
we had a great lunch.

The Tin Thimble shop

My stash addition purchases.

Sawtooth additions.

70's stash additions.

Dad & I in the nursery.

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DoriAnn said...

A beautiful photo of you and your daddy. I want to go visit this place it looks fun.